The change in Masumlar Apartmanı reflected positively on the ratings!
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4 February 2023 18:46


The change in Masumlar Apartmanı reflected positively on the ratings!

Continuing to meet the audience on TRT1 screens on Tuesday evenings, Masumlar Apartmanı continues to achieve good performances in its second season. It was seen that the interest for the series, which received much better ratings in the first season and achieved double-digit rates, decreased a little in the new season.

The attitude of the screenwriters of Masumlar Apartmanı, which emphasized heavy drama issues, caused the audience to be overwhelmed and the ratings in the first episodes of the second season came below expectations. However, the change in the last episode of the TRT1 series, which managed to win first place, resulted in better rates.

In particular, the happy moments of the character of Gülben, the fact that she took a new road with Esat, and the fact that the most enjoyable moments of the series so far coincided with the 42nd episode attracted more attention of the audience.

The fans of the series, who were eagerly waiting for the entertainment at Gülben’s henna night, took over TRT1 and the ratings were better than the previous episodes.

Masumlar Apartmanı, which won the first place by achieving the best ratings in all categories, was the number one on Tuesday evening… Gülben’s henna night scene actually represented a significant change.

The audience supported the character of Gülben, who is most desired to be happy in the series, to achieve this. The happy moments of the screenwriters after the gloomy scenes also provided very good ratings in AB and ABC1 groups. This change is good for the show. It also paved the way for happy and hopeful scenes to be made in the following episodes.

Episode 42 was both loving and funny, funny and sad. Scenes containing all these emotions were provided with strong acting performances. This situation brought with it an important step towards the goal of achieving the high ratings that the series Masumlar Apartmanı achieved last season.

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