The change made in the Yasak Elma series made Şevval Sam happy the most!
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30 September 2022 21:58


The change made in the Yasak Elma series made Şevval Sam happy the most!

Şevval Sam plays the character of Ender in the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series broadcast on Fox TV on Monday evenings. The fact that Yıldız and Ender, played by Eda Ece, sometimes come together and sometimes come face to face, drags the story… Şevval Sam and Eda Ece, who successfully portrayed these two characters, became very close thanks to the series. The high energy of the duo, who formed a good friendship, is also reflected in the Yasak Elma series behind the set, and the synergy of these two has a great share in the great success achieved.

Şebnem Dönmez joined the series with the character of Handan, where preparations for the sixth season started. This situation made Şevval Sam happy the most. Because the duo of Şebnem Dönmez and Şevval Sam have met for a long time and they have a very good friendship. Two famous actresses, who were screened together by TV100, also attracted attention with their cheerful moods.

Şevval Sam, who expressed how happy he was to have Şebnem Dönmez participating in the series, said, “Beware of these two. The Yasak Elma continues. We are already very old friends. When we came together with this project again after years, we decided to close the time in between”.

Şebnem Dönmez also stated that they met to satisfy the longing. Şebnem Dönmez underlines that they have accumulated a longing because they haven’t met for a long time, and said, “I’m having a nice evening with Şevval, I’m in his happiness. Because we haven’t seen each other for a long time. We meet very old,” she said.

The two famous actresses starred together in the TV series Aşkın Dağlarda Gezer, which was published in 1999. After 23 years, Şevval Sam and Şebnem Dönmez came together again, this time at the Yasak Elma.

Underlining that there is a special situation among the women in the Yasak Elma TV series, Şevval Sam said, “The women here are not like memorization. There is a very sweet friendship between the women here,” she said.

Underlining that they are very good friends with Şebnem Dönmez like Eda Ece, Şevval Sam also expressed with these words that the internal conflicts between the female actors in many TV series are not in the Yasak Elma.

Stating that they continue to meet with Eda Ece outside of the series, Şevval Sam gave the news that the fans were waiting for about the sixth season.

Many people say that the series will continue, but no one from the team has made a clear statement about it. Şevval Sam said, “The sixth season is being planned, but nothing is certain. We don’t know either, we continue until the end of the season,” she said.

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