The character of Fırat Tanış in the Arıza has revealed
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28 March 2023 01:14


The character of Fırat Tanış in the Arıza has revealed

A surprise name will be the guest of the new episode of Arıza, which was produced by O3 Media and starring Tolga Sarıtaş and Ayça Ayşin Turan, which is watched with great appreciation by Show TV. The name who joined the Arıza team as a guest player is the popular actress Fırat Tanış!

It is a very important development that the famous actor, who was written to mind with the performance of Adem in the Bride Of Istanbul series, and who has given life to completely different roles in many different productions, is a very important development. It was also very curious what kind of character the actor would bring to life.

Fırat Tanış will appear before the audience with the character of Cabir, the biggest buyer of the weapons sold by the consortium and a notorious killer at the top of the wanted list of intelligence organizations.

As a result of the struggle of Ali Rıza and Burak Ersoylu, Cabir, who came to ask for the reckoning of his guns, will affect the lives of everyone from Fuat Ersoylu to Halide.

With its strong cast and curious developments, Arıza continues to be broadcast on Show TV on Sunday evening at 20:00. It was also revealed that Fırat Tanış would appear in 2 episodes in the series.

The player is also expected to appear in the TV series The Club, which will be broadcast on Netflix for the new year.

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