Series News The common feature of Mother, Our Story, Woman, Forbidden Apple series!

The common feature of Mother, Our Story, Woman, Forbidden Apple series!


In addition to the series that are not currently on air like Mother, Woman, Our Story, My Daughter; Medyapım (MF Production), the production company of the popular TV series such as Miracle Doctor, Forbidden Apple, Teacher, Dam… Fatih Aksoy is also the owner of the company and has been the captain of the flagship of the series industry for many years…

Fatih Aksoy, who was the guest of Hülya Koçyiğit’s program titled Film Like Lives, broadcast on TRT2, made a very important statement about the reality of the Turkish series abroad.

after the United States second most number of exporting countries in the world … Turkey Turkish construction sector has developed very self and running in many countries abroad.

Fatih Aksoy “series followed in Turkey, is watched all over the world. Our series are broadcast on free channels around the world. We have series watched by 500 million unique people. No American TV series can reach that figure, ”explains how strong we really are.

There is an overseas perspective in which women’s stories sell more, there is an interest in romantic comedies, but both men’s and comedy works are undesirable.

When we look at the works of Medyapım, it is remarkable that there are drama and woman-based productions. To conform with the foreign sales and in Turkey that lies under much of this kind of work monitoring.

The common feature of Mother, Woman, Our Story, My Daughter, and Forbidden Apple series is that they are always for women… Because these kinds of productions are sold mostly abroad.