Onur Tuna changed image
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29 March 2023 12:36


Onur Tuna changed image

Onur Tuna is one of the names that marked this season as the Ferman of the Miracle Doctor. Miracle Doctor series started to be broadcast on Fox TV screen again on Thursday evenings from the first episode. Those who watch Ferman in the series and those who see Onur Tuna in the last form from social media did not get used to this change.

Onur Tuna cut his beard but had mustaches left. He also put his hair in a new shape. After this change, the famous actress, who moved away from Ferman in Miracle Doctor as an image, surprised her fans.

Those who see Onur Tuna, who now shares his new image on social media, have trouble getting used to this situation.

When we see another image on TV and another image on social media, the number of strangers is increasing.

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