Series News The Çöp Adam series replicates the success of the Masumlar Apartmanı series, this time!

The Çöp Adam series replicates the success of the Masumlar Apartmanı series, this time!


Both the Innocent Apartments series and Çöp Adam (Stickman) are productions adapted from a Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu story… In other words, the author is the same and the basic starting point of the stories is similar to each other.

On the TRT1 screen, the series of Masumlar Apartmanı (Innocent Apartments) lasted for 2 seasons and in the first season, great success came with great ratings. Even though the series lost viewers towards the end of the second season, it made its mark in the history of the series as a very successful project.

Now, Çöp Adam series is advancing from the path opened by the Masumlar Apartmanı series. So what is the similarity between the two series? The starting point of the stories is the same author and the common point is what childhood traumas turn into years later.

In other words, the great success achieved with the Masumlar Apartmanı series is tried to be copied with the Çöp Adam series. The character of Safiye, played by Ezgi Mola, made life a prison for herself due to the traumas she experienced with her mother in her childhood. These childhood traumas were also present in other characters, and the series Masumlar Apartmanı affected millions thanks to the power of these traumas.

In Çöp Adam, you watch the effects of the childhood traumas of Tamer’s character. These traumas from the childhood of Tamer, played by Engin Altan Düzyatan, have a common point with the character of Safiye played by Ezgi Mola.

As a result, the leading characters of both series draw attention with their childhood traumas turning into different problems years later. This stands out as a common message in the social sense.

“Childhood traumas are one of the most important facts that should be used to explain why people do something.”

We first saw the weight of this word in the series of Masumlar Apartmanı, and now we are watching it again with a similar story math with Çöp Adam.

You can see the Çöp Adam series as a continuation of the Masumlar Apartmanı series, but not as a continuation.

Childhood trauma, which is the starting point of both, is a new genre in the history of Turkish TV series, and we observe that the audience’s interest in this new genre is intense.