The Çöp Adam series started off great, but it's still too early to rejoice!
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3 February 2023 13:07


The Çöp Adam series started off great, but it’s still too early to rejoice!

You will now watch the Çöp Adam (Stickman) TV series on Star TV on Wednesday evenings. The first episode of the series, which met with the audience the other day, had a very successful opening with above-average ratings. The first episode also found great repercussions on social media.

It has to be said that the duo of Engin Altan Düzyatan and Elçin Sangu in the Çöp Adam TV series got along well, impressed their fans, and this reflected very positively on social media.

It was important for the Çöp Adam series to make a good start on Wednesday evenings, which was a difficult day, when those who had been waiting for the first episode of the series for weeks, were in front of the screen.

However, nothing is clear. The second episodes are very important in the series with such high expectations. If the second episode of the Çöp Adam series, which will be screened on Wednesday, December 7th, receives as good ratings as the first episode or increases the interest of the audience, then it will be realistic to talk about a positive picture.

The Çöp Adam series, which has a story full of mysteries, has joined the productions inspired by the story of Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu. TV series adapted from the same author’s books had achieved great success.

It seems possible for the Çöp Adam series to get significant results with both an effective story and a good cast. Here is the second episode trailer of the Çöp Adam series:

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