Artists News Bestemsu Özdemir passed the test of courage in acting!

Bestemsu Özdemir passed the test of courage in acting!


Bestemsu Özdemir is one of the actors in the series Gecenin Ucunda (At the end of the Night), which is now broadcast on Star TV on Tuesday evenings.

The actress, who had the misfortune of being a short-lived TV series last season, became a part of a strong story this time in the new season.

However, the ratings of the series “Gecenin Ucunda” are not going well either. While the fate of the series is a matter of curiosity, Bestemsu Özdemir’s performance in the character of Serra is also appreciated. When asked about the rules of acting, Özdemir expressed her thoughts about taking part in especially brave scenes and said that everything depends on the scenario.

Bestemsu Özdemir passed the test of courage by saying that she could act in any scene if she served the story. The actress said: “I am an actor, if the script and the character are comfortable with me, of course I will do anything. It’s about the story, the director, everything. It’s a very whole thing. If it’s ingrained in me and serves him, of course, I’ll act in every scene.”

The actress expressed that she was waiting for a marriage proposal by sending a message to businessman Serkan Mehmet Duru, with whom she had been together for a while, via the cameras.

Upon the reporter’s question, “My relationship is going well, I am waiting for a marriage proposal. I have nothing in my dreams, I leave it to the other side. But I’m waiting for an offer soon, so that’s a message to him,” she said.