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6 July 2022 03:31


The coronavirus shock affecting Masumlar Apartmanı spread to Camdaki Kız!

It was revealed that Ezgi Mola, who played the character of Safiye in the TV series Masumlar Apartmanı, caught the coronavirus. The famous actor was last on the set for the Erşan Kuneri series.

Ezgi Mola, whose tests were positive, is resting at home. Saying that she felt nothing because she had both vaccines, the actress will remain in quarantine at home for a while. Ezgi Mola’s entire work program was also negatively affected in this situation. The shootings in the Erşan Kuneri series will be extended. In addition, the second season shooting schedule of Masumlar Apartmanı series was negatively affected by this situation.

It has emerged that the first season of TRT1’s Masumlar Apartmanı, which was very successful, met the audience on the screen at a later date. It turned out that Enis Arıkan, a close friend of Ezgi Mola, also experienced a similar problem.

It was stated that Enis Arıkan, who gave life to the character of Muzo in the TV series Camdaki Kız, caught the coronavirus. It was also a matter of curiosity how Enis Arıkan, who is very close to Ezgi Mola, contracted the virus.

Enis Arıkan was on the set for the second season of Kanal D’s TV series “Camdaki Kız”. However, it seems that the actor’s catching coronavirus will negatively affect the shooting of the series. Camdaki Kız series is expected to be on the screen in September.

The famous actor confirmed the news by saying, “The beauty of the world you see has become corona” on her Instagram account.

Many famous friends of Enis Arıkan also left comments with messages of getting well soon.

Let’s see if Enis Arıkan’s catching corona will change the plans.

This is the most curious question… We will continue to report the developments.

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