Series News The critically-acclaimed Üç Kuruş series is in better shape than the highly anticipated Hakim!

The critically-acclaimed Üç Kuruş series is in better shape than the highly anticipated Hakim!


While the rating race continues at full speed on Monday evenings, Alparslan continues to be the first series even though it is affected by the decrease in viewership rates. With the effect of Ramadan and hot weather, the television habits of the viewers are also changing.

With its 23rd episode, Alparslan once again won first place in all categories. The ratings of the series have also decreased, but now we see that the TRT1 series also experienced the problems experienced in all series in this period.

The Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series continues to show effective performances as it goes towards the end of the fifth season. The drama’s ratings plummeted, but it remained third in all categories. The preparations for the 6th season of Yasak Elma, whose 140th episode is left behind, have also begun.

On Monday, April 25, when Survivor took second place in all categories, the most striking results came from ATV’s Hakim (Judge) series. Unfortunately, the series, which had great expectations since its beginning and brought together a very effective cast, has a big rating problem.

The series Hakim, whose 4th episode was broadcast, was only able to take 11th place in the category of all people. The series, which finished the day in sixth place in the AB and fifth in ABC1, shows that it did not receive enough support from the audience.

The Üç Kuruş series, on the other hand, goes step by step towards the finale on the Show TV screen. There are only 4 episodes left from the series whose 24th episode was broadcast… Üç Kuruş, which was the fourth in all people, was a highly criticized production. The series, which outperformed Hakim in this category, lagged behind its rivals in AB and ABC1.

Üç Kuruş, which finished the day in eighth place in the AB, is in the sixth place in ABC1… Üç Kuruş was a series that started the season very well but was criticized for its story afterwards. It draws attention that even on the way to the finale, Üç Kuruş is in a better condition than the series “Hakim”, which met with the audience with great expectations.