Artists News The days of the Camdaki Kız are over, a brand new era begins for Nur Sürer!

The days of the Camdaki Kız are over, a brand new era begins for Nur Sürer!


It would not be wrong to say how great a contribution the master actress Nur Sürer made to the Camdaki Kız (Girl in the Glass) series, which she said goodbye to in the middle of the third season. There is the character of Feride, which the master actress put forward by pushing herself so much in the series.

Feride was such a strong and determined character that although Nur Sürer sometimes thought of playing a softer role in the face of the character’s evils, the director did not allow it. Even though Nur Sürer was never at such a point in her heart, she reflected all the cruelty of Feride’s character in the series and added great excitement to the Camdaki Kızseries.

For Nur Sürer, whom we watched in many interesting scenes with Burcu Biricik, the period of Camdaki Kız has come to an end. The master actor is now one of the leading roles in the Show TV series Aile (Family).

In the Aile series, the famous actress will appear in front of the audience with a tough mother character. This strong female character named Hülya Soykan will be at a very influential point in the story of the series.

You will see Hülya at the center of the story as the mother of the characters played by Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Nejat İşler, Canan Ergüder and İpek Çiçek.

The character of Hülya Soykan, the mother of Aslan, Cihan, Leyla and Ceylan, has the potential to influence millions of people as a reflection of Nur Sürer’s years of experience.

The master actress, who has left the Camdaki Kız era behind, will now again be on the minds of millions with a completely different female character in the Aile series.