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6 July 2022 21:37


The decision everyone has been waiting for in Show TV’s Üç Kuruş series!

After the TV series Inside, signed by Ay Yapım, Çukur came to the screen. After these two productions, the same production company announced the project called Üç Kuruş. Fans of the series began to eagerly await this production.

The series, which will take place in the triangle of mafia, police and a serial killer, has a strong story. With the signature of Ay Yapım, Üç Kuruş became the most curious production in the new season for many TV series fans.

Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and Aytaç Uşun drew attention as the first two names for the series. Kaygılaroğlu’s fans, who will portray the character of Kartal, are extremely pleased with this development.

For Aytaç Uşun, who performed very well as Meke for 4 seasons in Çukur, the new series is of great importance for his career.

There is also the issue of Ekin Koç. The famous actor, who was named for the police character Efe in the series, made a strong debut last year. Ekin Koç, who attracted great attention with the character of Ahmet Sencer, played in the TV series Uyanış büyük Selçuklu, is evaluating the offers for the new season.

Three Kuruş is one of the strongest offers on the actor’s table… Although it is only in the offer stage yet, Ekin Koç fans are very pleased with this situation. If the actor accepts the role, he will make his fans very happy.

Sinan Öztürk, who is also the director of Çukur, is carrying out the preliminary preparations. The series is expected to be on the set in September, but the search for actors continues.

The names of Hazal Subaşı and Aslıhan Malbora are also mentioned for the series. However, in everyone’s mind, Ekin Koç has a decision to make. If the famous actor accepts the role, Üç Kuruş, which appears to be one of the most influential series of Show TV in the new season, will gain great power.

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