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7 July 2022 01:45


You will appear in the new TV series, Yargı, similar to Pınar Deniz’s role in her old TV series!

Ceylin in the Yargı series is a role for Pınar Deniz! Famous actress Pınar Deniz returned to TV series sets after a long break. The actress, who met her partner in the series Aşk 101, Kaan Urgancıoğlu, in the lead role of a new project, is very excited.

Pınar Deniz, who gained great popularity with the character of Yıldız in the TV series Vatanım Sensin, took the lead role in one of the most important TV series of the last period.

The shooting of the TV series, Yargı, for which Sema Ergenekon has been working for two years, has started. The series, produced by Ay Yapım, will be broadcast on Kanal D in the new period.

Pınar Deniz will give life to a lawyer character named Ceylin. Ceylin, a rebellious and unruly character, will actually be very similar to Pınar Deniz’s Yıldız character in Vatanım Sensin.

The star character stood out as a rebellious young woman. Pınar Deniz played this character, who followed her own path and attracted attention with her stubbornness, with great success.

It is expected that the famous actress will be successful in the new role, which has similar attitudes to the character of Yıldız, which made Pınar Deniz popular.

It seems that Pınar Deniz’s former role will be a great experience for the actress in the series Yargı, where we will watch the story of honest prosecutor Ilgaz and rebellious lawyer Ceylin.

Ceylin character; As a result of the injustice suffered by her father, she is a brave lawyer who rebels, does not know the rules, pushes her limits for the values ​​and truths she believes in, and takes a man by the rope. The name of this recipe is screenwriter Sema Ergenekon. In fact, it is clear from the details of the character that the choice of Pınar Deniz is correct.

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