Series News The decision to break up in the series of Yürek Çıkmazı burned the hearts of the audience!

The decision to break up in the series of Yürek Çıkmazı burned the hearts of the audience!


There are 17 episodes left in the Yürek Çıkmazı (Heart Impasse) series, which is broadcast on TRT1 screen on Tuesday evenings. The situation of Mehmet Aslantuğ, who has been included in the series in recent weeks, continues to disturb everyone.

The master actor, who played the character of Ali Fuat, was removed by the producer in the cast of the series he had just joined.

This separation, which turned out to be due to Mehmet Aslantuğ’s ideas reflected on social media and the press, disturbs many TV series viewers.

The 18th new episode of the Yürek Çıkmazı series will be screened on Tuesday, April 4, and it has become clear that the character of Ali Fuat will die in this episode and leave the story.

In the published trailer, there is an impression that the character of Ali Fuat drowned in the sea.

The fans of the series “Yürek Çıkmazı” are almost rebelling against this situation. Those who cannot accept what happened and are disturbed by the treatment of a master artist because of their thoughts, continue to rebel against the situation by posting a lot.

One drama fan says, “I still can’t believe you made him leave the show. What did the man do? It’s ridiculous that you do this to someone like Mehmet Aslantuğ. What a beautiful last episode. The father-daughter scene was going to be shot with Zeynep.”

Another TV series fan brought his reaction by commenting that he condemned Mehmet Aslantuğ’s dismissal from the series.

The audience also gives the message that the situation is disturbing, with many messages stating that they do not mind being removed from a series broadcast on TRT1, the public broadcaster, as a result of not being liked by an artist’s ideas.

Many viewers, saddened by the fact that the character of Ali Fuat left without reuniting with his daughter Zeynep in the story, commented, “I am heartbroken.”