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2 July 2022 13:20


The decision to leave the lead actor before the season finale of the Yasak Elma

The phenomenon series Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple), broadcast on Fox TV on Monday evenings, is approaching the end of its fifth season. Before the season finale on June 13, the story was revived with new events and the excitement increased. While the intrigues did not end, there were some changes in the staff.

Yasak Elma will enter the season in its 147th episode, that is, on June 13. It was learned that the aunt of the Sedai character played by Bahtiyar Memili and the Sumerian character, the grandmother of Ekin character, will also participate in the series signed by Med Yapım.

At the end of the 141st episode, the grandmother Sumer joined the series with the wedding of Kumru and Ekin. The role of the aunt from Adana, played by the master actress Nalan Örgüt, will be included in the story in the coming episodes.

It was previously learned that Eda Ece, who gave life to Yıldız, one of the backbone characters of the project, will continue in the series. Berk Oktay was the first to leave the Yasak Elma, whose final decision about the actors to leave the series will become clear after the decision of producer Fatih Aksoy.

After the handsome actor who had two successful seasons, it is stated that new separation news is also likely.

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