The decisions taken for Can Yaman's new drama show the importance of the project!
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25 March 2023 00:22


The decisions taken for Can Yaman’s new drama show the importance of the project!

The immense popularity that Can Yaman has achieved in Italy for more than a year is greatly appreciated. The actor, who took part in the detective series “Viola Come Il Mare”, enchanted his Italian fans.

In Turkey, we see a Can Yaman, who is featured in commercials, admired for his TV series, admired for his sports activities and high fitness, and whose love has been talked about a lot in the magazine for a while. It was also on the agenda that the actor agreed to be the lead role for the new series of Disney Plus.

After Engin Akyürek and Aras Bulut İynemli, Can Yaman’s participation in this great organization pleased the fans. It is a very successful tactic for Disney Plus to make big deals for the Turkey operation and to attract Turkish TV stars.

Details from the new series, which were meticulously prepared by Ay Yapım, also please Can Yaman fans. The fact that the screenwriter of the series was Kerem Deren stood out as a pleasing development. Kerem Deren, who also wrote the Ezel series, is known for his strong stories.

In addition, the famous director Uluç Bayraktar’s agreement with Ay Yapım for the project draws attention as an important development.

His followers are waiting with great excitement for the days when Can Yaman will come to Turkey again in 2022 to meet with his fans and start shooting the series.

Can Yaman, who has achieved a strong career in Italy, is known in many countries of the world and has millions of fans, will have found a new and powerful platform at the point of popularity with Disney Plus.

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