The Destan series will be the debut project of some names!
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27 November 2022 15:04


The Destan series will be the debut project of some names!

The Destan series, which continues to be prepared for the ATV screen, is one of the most impressive productions of the new season. The project, where Ebru Şahin is expected to show herself more as the leading actress, will be the debut series for some names.

In particular, Edip Tepeli, who was determined as the leading male actor, will appear in front of his fans with a very different character after the Sefirin Kızı series, and Edip Tepeli was in a side role in Sefirin Kızı, and his scenes were few. However, the Destan series seems to be a production that will make a big debut on behalf of the young actor.

Destan, which seems to be the most ambitious new series of atv’s new season, will take place in the 8th century. You will watch the great love of Batuga with the character of Akkız Batuga character will draw attention as the son of the khan who does not hold hands and feet.

The Destan series is of great importance not only for Edip Tepeli, but also for some of the names in the supporting roles. Buse Meral, Elif Doğan, Meltem Pamirtan and Deniz Barut were selected for the supporting roles.

The performances of the four young and successful names in the series Destan will be followed soon. For the actors, this series seems to be a job where they can make a big break in their careers.

Another remarkable detail is that a master actor like Selim Bayraktar will also take part in the story.

Preliminary preparations for the series, which will be directed by Emir Khalilzadeh, continue, and it is among the information that the TV series team preparing to go on the set is very excited.

It was revealed with the shared video that Ebru Şahin continues to prepare for her new series.

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