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18 May 2022 13:12


The destruction of Ilgaz, who learned the truth in the series of Yargı, broke everyone’s hearts!

Kanal D’s TV series,  Yargı (Judgment), which locks the audience on the screen every Sunday evening, was on the screen again last night with a bomb-like episode. In last night’s episode, the great truth was finally revealed and the audience began to wait for the stormy days to come again. Kaan Urgancıoğlu, who plays Ilgaz, also got full marks for his acting.

The 27th episode of the Yargı series came to the screen last night. As Ceylin makes plans to start a new life with Ilgaz, Metin’s secret comes to light. Ilgaz is experiencing a great destruction when he learns that it was his father and brother who killed Ceylin’s father Zafer. While this scene broke everyone’s hearts, his performance while playing the role of Kaan Urgancıoğlu received great praise.

A viewer drew attention to the fact that Kaan Urgancıoğlu, who gave life to Ilgaz, brought tears to the audience with his performance. The viewer wrote the following in his post: “Even when he calls his ‘dear’ Ceylin even though he is writhing with pain, he barely speaks, he listens to his wife’s excitement, enthusiasm and happiness… No, you are a figment of imagination, Ilgaz Prosecutor, we understand once again. I was destroyed, my beautiful man, he tore us apart, alas.”

A viewer drew attention to the fact that Metin and Çınar did the worst evil to Ilgaz and wrote: “Metin and Çınar did this evil not only to Ceylin and her family, but also to Ilgaz, even to Ilgaz the most. I don’t understand how a father and a brother can do such a bad thing when he is a decent human being, moreover, when he is his older brother, I don’t understand… What happened to Ceylin,” he wrote.

Yargı, where the excitement never diminishes, will appear in front of the audience with stormy episodes in the coming days. How this fact will affect the relationship of Ceylin and Ilgaz couple is now the biggest question of interest.

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