Artists News Öner Erkan is writing another career story thanks to Netflix!

Öner Erkan is writing another career story thanks to Netflix!


There is not a TV series fan who does not know Öner Erkan in Turkey… The actor, who was born in Izmir in 1980, studied theater at Dokuz Eylül University… You know Öner Erkan, who is also in Istanbul City Theatre, mostly from his TV series.

The actor, who stepped into the TV series sets in 2002, successfully gave life to different characters. The actor, who attracted attention with the character of Ferit in the TV series İki Aile, was mostly remembered with the character of Bora in the series named Yalan Dünya.

The actor, who has been involved in many projects in the cinema industry as well as TV series, has recently come to the fore with the characters of Rezan in the TV series Bir Başkadır, Selim in Çukur and Oktay in the series Uysallar.

The actor, whom we watched in different roles in these three productions in the last 2 years, almost made a career explosion. There is no one in Turkey who watches the Çukur (The Pit) series and does not remember the character of Selim Koçovalı. The famous actor will continue to be remembered with this character for many years.

However, Öner Erkan opened another door with his acting in the projects titled Bir Başkadır and Uysallar, which were broadcast on Netflix. It has to be said that a new career journey has begun for Öner Erkan, who has attracted attention with his Netflix projects in the international arena.

Admiration for Öner Erkan seems to increase rapidly abroad, especially with his magnificent performance in the Uysallar series. The productions that will be broadcast on digital platforms such as Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, in which the actor will take part, will greatly contribute to his international awareness.

In the future, the actor may need to focus on digital projects. It must be said that Oktay Uysal’s character in Öner Erkan’s TV series Uysallar is very impressive.

However, the fans of the series also wrote the character of Rezan in their minds, even though he took part in short scenes in Bir Başkadır.

The actor, who knows how to reflect the pain, played a character who had cerebral palsy in the character of Rezan, which is a very difficult thing. Öner Erkan showed off his skills by playing such a character perfectly. According to many, he was the star of the series called Bir Başkadır.

Once again enchanting his fans with the series Uysallar, Öner Erkan seems to be a candidate to create a strong fan base abroad with digital projects.