The early finale of the Misafir series will only benefit Bülent Şakrak!
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4 February 2023 08:09


The early finale of the Misafir series will only benefit Bülent Şakrak!

Famous actor Bülent Şakrak has chosen the new TV series for The Misafir in the new season. The series, which aired on Thursday evenings on Fox TV, unfortunately achieved low ratings. An early final decision was made for the series with 4 episodes remaining.

Bülent Şakrak gives life to a cheerful policeman named Oğuz in the TV series “Misafir”, which will meet with the audience for the last time on Thursday, December 9th. Although he was not very successful in his job, the actor successfully portrayed this character, who tries to be correct and is a source of joy for his surroundings.

Bülent Şakrak needed to grow a mustache for the character of Oğuz, and the final version of the actor was very strange to both his wife Cevda Düvenci and his fans.

Ceyda Düvenci made a cliché statement by stating that she liked every aspect of her husband, but she said that she did not like the mustache at all with these words:

Bülent Şakrak, who is trying to find a style that suits him with his mustache, said that he himself could not get used to this image.

The famous actor said, “I am trying to adapt myself to the mustache. It doesn’t happen with a mustache,” he said.

The short duration of the Misafir series will provide an opportunity for Bülent Şakrak to get rid of this problem by cutting his mustache. After the completion of the shooting of the final episode of the series, the actor is expected to cut his mustache.

The early finale of Misafir only benefited Bülent Şakrak. The actor will soon get rid of his mustache, which no one can get used to.

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