The end is soon for Ramo
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1 October 2022 11:53


The end is soon for Ramo

The story of Ramo, which started in Adana last year, continues in Istanbul in the new season. The latest news about the series in which Murat Yıldırım and Esra Bilgiç played the leading role, upset the audience. The series, which airs on Friday evenings, does not get the expected ratings against its rivals. Unfortunately, the final decision has been made for Ramo, who has high action and excitement!

Show TV’s decision came to light a short while ago. After the news that The Pit, the phenomenon series of the channel, was going to make a final at the end of May, it was learned that the Arıza series, which was broadcast on Sunday evenings, would make a final after 2 episodes.

The latest development from the TV series Ramo upset the audience! Journalist Birsen Altuntaş gave the final news of the series on her twitter account.

According to the report, the final decision has been made for the TV series Ramo and will bid farewell to the screen after 5 episodes! It is also stated that BKM signed a 2-year agreement with Show TV.

With the expiry of the agreement period, the series says goodbye to the screen before the festival. We will witness the ending of the story of the series, which came from Adana to Istanbul, with the dream of Ramo to return to Adana again!

It is stated that if there is no change, the 38th episode will be broadcast tomorrow (Friday, April 2), and will bid farewell to the screen after 5 episodes.

Let’s see if Ramo will be able to rescue Istanbul and return to Adana with Sibel and his family by killing all the big bosses in the final and breaking the established order.

What will happen in chapter 38 …

In the new episode, exciting moments await the audience.

Ramo, whose game went wrong in Bulgaria to reach Silahtar, faces the danger of losing the East while trying to reach Silahtar in a country where he has no power. The price for what he did to save him will be higher than he thinks. Finding information about the mother of Doğu when he least expected it, Sibel takes action to protect this secret.

Hasan is trying not to lose Afet. The unexpected steps taken by Şerif, who aims to reach the top person of the Serdengeçti by using the death of Sarraf, bring Ramo to the brink of great danger.

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