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28 May 2022 19:59


The end of the road was in sight for a character who excelled in the Yargı series!

The new episode of the Yargı series, which aired on Kanal D on Sunday evenings, will again be full of impressive scenes. A breathtaking introduction has been released from the 20th new episode of Yargı, which will be published on February 13… Is it the end of the road for Niyazi? The character of Niyazi, acted by Cem Cücenoğlu, is moving towards the end of the road.

The second promotion of the new episode of Kanal D’s Ay Yapım series, Yargı, has been released. In the promotion, Eren angrily shouts Niyazi’s name, “Is it the end of the road for Niyazi?” begs the question. Reaching millions of viewers with the impressive performance of Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, the Yargı series is one of the projects that made the best debut among the new series with its strong ratings.

In the introduction of the new episode of Yargı, which was watched with interest, the dialogues of Ilgaz and Ceylin about how they recorded each other on their phones create a smile. Seda’s advice to Yekta that they need to find something to break up the Erguvan family from within, “What will be Yekta’s new move?” While bringing the problem with it, Aylin’s words about life affect the audience.

While the moments when Eren calls Niyazi angrily and the chase of Ilgaz and Ceylin stand out in the promotion, these moments increase the excitement of the new episode.

Sema Ergenekon wrote the script for the series starring Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz. The new episode of “Yargı”, starring Ali Bilgin as a director, will be broadcast on Kanal D every Sunday at 20:00.

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