The engagement ceremony with Serkan Çayoğlu coincided with such a day! Özge Gürel had emotional moments!
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9 February 2023 08:02


The engagement ceremony with Serkan Çayoğlu coincided with such a day! Özge Gürel had emotional moments!

Serkan Çayoğlu and Özge Gürel got engaged the other day! Serkan Çayoğlu and Özge Gürel, who started to fall in love after meeting in the TV series Kiraz Mevsimi (Cherry Season), published in 2014, took the first step to formalize their 7-year relationship.

The engagement ceremony, which coincided with the first Father’s Day without a father, was also the scene of emotional moments for the famous actress Özge Gürel. The actress, who lost her father Ercüment Gürel last October, shared the photos of the engagement ceremony between the family with an emotional article.

The famous actress dedicated the photo frames of one of her happiest moments to her father and wrote the following emotional expressions under it; “I couldn’t run home and hug my father on Father’s Day this year, but we celebrated our new adventure with these wonderful people, my lover and I, and gave it to my father as a gift. This house, this bench is my childhood…

Daddy’s favorite place, we broke the news right here. It hasn’t even been a year yet… How sure was I that you would always be here with the light in your eyes. It is still very difficult to talk about your absence… Words cannot come out of my mouth, as if such a day never happened, but if I talk, it will become reality. This is a pain that will never go away. The pain stays like that, you build a life around you, you grow.

You knew that, daddy, you suffered so many losses, you were so tired that you continued to believe in people even when they hurt you. I used to complain about this behavior that looks like you. But I’m glad I continued, we did, daddy.

I owe all the beauty in my life, the amazing people, my love to being like you, to growing up with you. Glad you are my father. From you to me, to us, a clear conscience and a lot of longing are left. I love you very much. I know that we have one more life to hug.”

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