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12 August 2022 15:12


The environment in social media is a frightening situation for Sevda Erginci!

Returning to the screens with the Fox TV series Elkızı, Sevda Erginci attracts great attention with her Ezo character. The team of the series, which continues to be shot in Muğla, is working at an intense pace. Sevda Erginci also showed everyone that she deserves the leading role from the images that have been reflected on the screen so far.

ElKızı series was first criticized for violence against women. However, things turned upside down when female viewers found an Ezo character who stood upright and did not overwhelm themselves. The biggest supporter of Elkızı series was the audience who wanted to see strong women on the screen.

Sevda Erginci is a name that draws attention with her private life. The actress, who wants to benefit from technology as much as he needs and wants to stay away as much as possible, has the idea that the environment on social media is terrible.

The actress said, “I have the same opinion about social media. Could it be something that creates both unnecessary self-confidence and insecurity? “I think it’s terrible that people who don’t know anything about me other than my actress identity have the right to comment on the life I live and the body I have,” she said.

The famous actress thinks that there are people who feel inadequate about the life and body she lives and who tear herself apart to adapt.

Pointing out that not only the actors but also everyone is more accessible via social media, Sevda Erginci used the following statements:

“The filters she sees on social media etc. There are those who feel inadequate about the life and body they live and tear themselves apart in order to adapt. So I have no reason to feel any attachment to social media. Everyone is over-reachable, not just actors. But now it’s like identity, and you have to be involved in some way to fit in, even to do your job.”

Sevda Erginci, who stated that she did not see any realistic criticism that she could take seriously on social media, did not come across an unforgettable comment.

The actress, who loves cats and dogs, has the most fun with them. Sevda Erginci, who has 3 cats and 1 dog, enjoys the moments she spends with them very much.

The actress said, “I think they’re all funny as well. The moments I have the most fun and laugh with are with them. They don’t let me get bored,” she said.

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