Artists News The famous fashion designer thanked Neslihan Atagül!

The famous fashion designer thanked Neslihan Atagül!


Neslihan Atagül, who most recently gave life to the character of “Nare” in the TV series “Sefirin Kızı”, had an award in the past few days.

The actress participated in the DIAFA Award Ceremony held in Dubai and received the ‘International Actress of the Year Award’. Atagül, who was specially prepared for the night, became the center of attention of the guests and the press with her choice of clothes. Dazzling with her elegance and grace, the actress represented Turkey very well.

Neslihan Atagül, who is on the agenda with her every move, came to the fore this time with the latest sharing of famous fashion designer Aslı Filinta’s Instagram account. Aslı Filinta, who is a close friend of the actress, shared an old photo with Neslihan Atagül on her Instagram account and thanked Atagül.

The famous fashion designer thanked Neslihan Atagül! 8

The similarity of the duo surprised their followers. Aslı Filinta wrote the following in her post; It was the luckiest of days, I guess, my phone rang. “Asli” said “I am Neslihan”, everything started like that. A few days later, my doorbell rang. In front of me, I am 10 years younger in a parallel universe with beautiful eyes, dark hair and a wonderful smile. (I didn’t say this, you didn’t read it either, by the way, our age difference was more than 10 anyway) I’m angry at the fashion industry, probably the fashion industry at me. She says don’t be ungrateful! After all, it served me to find my own truths and that my heart is one.

The famous fashion designer thanked Neslihan Atagül! 9

They said kill the valiant and give her her right. What has the fashion industry taught me? Work hard once in the first place!!! Continuous creation! Although we cannot see the world by traveling, we have seen the world while working. I don’t know how to use colors, textures of fabrics, develop projects, make sales, learn from your mistakes, you don’t have much time to get up when you fall on the ground!

I tell about my transformation journey from time to time, here and there. Transformation is individual, the world transforms with every breath we take. And the fashion world is transforming with us, whether we want to see it or not. Okay, I’m not being ungrateful, I personally, personally, thank her, every soul who has contributed to this path with me, their support is huge.”