Artists News Fırat Çelik broke out in cold sweat in the kitchen!..

Fırat Çelik broke out in cold sweat in the kitchen!..


Fırat Çelik, who returned to the screens after 6 years with the TV series Saklı, which has just started to be broadcast on Blu TV, gives life to the character of “Ozan” in the series.

Fırat Çelik, who starred with Hazar Ergüçlü, Defne Kayalar and Ahmet Rıfat Şungar in Saklı by MAY Productions, participated as a guest artist in the “Arda ile Omuz Omuza” program broadcast on Kanal D.

Famous Chef Arda Turkmen cooks meals with a famous guest every week, and also tests his guests’ culinary skills.

Arda Türkmen, who recently hosted the actor Fırat Çelik, shared these moments with his followers on his Instagram account.

It was observed that the actor, who shared the post of Türkmen, who wrote, “The peak of pastry with Fırat Çelik, very soon”, on his own page, had a very difficult time in the kitchen.

Fırat Çelik moved the post of Arda Türkmen to his page by saying, “Don’t ask me at all”. The posts made by the famous actor behind the camera of the Arda ile Omuz Omuza made his followers say, “He broke out in a cold sweat in the kitchen!”

Fırat Çelik, who cooked with the guidance of Arda Türkmen, shared his feelings about the program; He said, “It was a very nice, but also very tense program.”