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28 May 2022 19:33


The fan video that the Yargı TV team liked so much changed the life of a teenager!

Another reflection of the great success in the ratings of the TV series, Yargı (Judgment), which aired on Sunday evenings, is experienced on social media. Hundreds of thousands of shares for the series cover social media platforms every week, which makes a significant contribution to success.

With the effect of the reverse corners in the scenario of the series, the sharing of the audience increases the interaction, and sometimes interesting works can come to the fore. Kaan Urgancıoğlu also talked about how a fan who made videos about the Yargı TV series got a job.

Referring to the social media success of the series in a statement he made the other day, the actor talked about a video. The actor explained his speech with these words: “A video was shared last time, our characters did the opposite of what they said… There was a story shared by Pınar. We had one video edited by our fans. The girl who edited it got into our social media group. We’re watching the videos she edited right now and it’s tremendously successful. Such a way was opened for her. Our social media account has also been very interesting.”

As can be seen, there is an opportunity in the social media environment that can affect millions, and sometimes young people who use this opportunity well can find chances that will also affect their own future.

By sharing this issue, Kaan Urgancıoğlu actually explained how social media and the series are intertwined…

Mentioning that he liked the success of the series on social media, the actor also stated that he closely followed what his fans did.

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