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6 July 2022 01:46


The finale of the Masumiyet series opened a new path for Deniz Işın!

The name Deniz Işın was first mentioned this season with the TV series Sefirin Kızı. Fans loved the character of Sahra, played by the actress. Isin’s sudden departure from the series was a source of sadness.

Deniz Işın said goodbye to the Sefirin Kızı after the offer from the series Masumiyet. The actress’s performance in the new series of Masumiyet was also highly appreciated. However, Masumiyet, which brought up an important issue such as violence against women, was short-lived.

The 13-episode adventure was completed due to low ratings. Offers started to come to Deniz Işın as well. It is said that one of these offers comes from the TV series Leyla ile Mecnun.

It is stated that the character of Leyla is offered in the renewed episodes of Deniz Işın’s Leyla ile Mecnun series.

Will Deniz Işın play Leyla, played by Ezgi Asaroğlu? There is no certainty about this yet. However, backstage information shows that Deniz Işın made an offer.

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