Series News The fire of revenge will burn everyone in the Melek: A Mother’s Struggle

The fire of revenge will burn everyone in the Melek: A Mother’s Struggle

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48 episodes of Melek: A Mother’s Struggle series, which continues its second season on TRT1 screens, are behind. In the series, which is a heavy drama story, the character of Melek, played by Nehir Erdogan, would die even if bone marrow cancer and donor were not found. However, at the last moment, Alpay, played by her ex-wife Kaan Çakır, grew up, and when his marrow was compatible, Melek’s hope for salvation appeared. However, there are very different developments in the series.

Kutsi gave life to Halil, let alone promised Alpay that he would not marry Melek, he also signed a contract. If Halil and Melek get married, the shop and the mansion in the inn will move to Alpay. Now Halil is facing a big test. Halil, who had to tell the woman he loved that he could not marry her, threw his family into a great fire.

Alpay’s issue with Halil is personal. The point he bases this on is that Halil will distance himself from his children. At least he thinks this is the case and throws him into a fire to convince Halil not to marry Melek. With the contract he signed, Halil puts his family on one side and Melek on the other and has to make a burning choice. This is Alpay’s fire of vengeance and it will affect everyone.

While the audience rebelled against Alpay’s treachery, those who were happy with the salvation of Melek await new episodes with hope. The high ratings in the 48th episode of the series, which was a heavy drama story, which was broadcast last night, was a good sign. The future episodes will be much more exciting for the TRT1 series, which makes good use of the absence of a new episode of the The Ottoman.

Important steps are taken between Ömer and Defne for the old return. There are also details about this in the 49th episode trailer. From the video, you can watch the first trailer of the 49th episode of the Melek: A Mother’s Struggle series, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, January 20.