Series News The Great Change of Şevval Sam in Forbidden Apple series

The Great Change of Şevval Sam in Forbidden Apple series


Şevval Sam, who plays the character of Ender in the Forbidden Apple series, answered questions from her fans. Shooting has not been done in the Forbidden Apple series for 1 month. The 74th episode of the series was aired on Monday, March 23. It is not yet known when the filming will start on the set.

Şevval Sam, who did not leave her house because of the coronavirus epidemic, drew attention with her sincere answers to the questions. The actress said that Fatih Aksoy, the owner of Medyapım, gave her the scheming female character Ender.

Şevval Sam, who accepted the offer without thinking, said that he benefited from the experiences while playing her roles. Emphasizing that she did not make any special preparation for the role, the actress said, “There is a side in which man has tried to take the reins for years. I took it out in a safe environment and temporarily released it.”

Everyone’s ego is too high in the Forbidden Apple series!

Şevval Sam also stated that the ego of all players is high on the set of the series, “This is the Forbidden Apple set, everyone’s ego is too high.”

Şevval Sam explained that they did not look like body language in real life and that she was more hunched.

The famous actress said, “As soon as I put on those clothes, my spine straightens as soon as I enter the character of Ender. It affects me very much. I may not be so careful.”