The great return of Nehir Erdogan's series
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29 November 2022 19:53


The great return of Nehir Erdogan’s series

Melek: A Mother’s Struggle series survived the bleak nature of the first season. The second season started completely different and it started to become even more impressive with scenes showing what the value judgments of society cost in people’s lives as well as scenes with plenty of action.

The series, which tells the importance of the family from a very correct point, seems to have recovered with the second season, as the ratings of Melek: A Mother’s Struggle decreased towards the end of the first season. The reason why TRT1’s 32nd episode, which aired its 32nd episode on Wednesday, September 23, rose in the rating is that its story has been dragged to an even more interesting point.

Viewers hugged the drama again. The emotional scenes and joyful moments of Melek and Halil in the series starring Nehir Erdogan and Kutsi also have a share in this rise.

It is a very important development that the last episode of the series achieved a total rating of 4.22, 4.64 in the AB and 4.79 in ABC1. Because this is a comeback. This is a sign that the series will be standing in the second season.

On Wednesday, September 30th, My Home My Destiny starts its 2nd season. Also, on October 7, Kanal D’s TV series Unfaithful will appear as a new rival. The Ottoman TV series is expected to meet with the audience in October.

So the rating competition will get very hot on Wednesday evenings. It was a good development that Melek: A Mother’s Struggle increased its rating while its rivals were not fully screened yet.

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