Artists News The Gülbeyaz series has a very important place in Şevval Sam’s life!

The Gülbeyaz series has a very important place in Şevval Sam’s life!


Famous actress and singer Şevval Sam continues to take part in the TV series Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) and intensified her music studies with the warming of the weather. Şevval Sam, who will spend the summer with concert programs after the series, which will make the season finale on June 13, said that he will also take a vacation in Bodrum.

The actress, who will also attend weddings and public concerts, said, “The series is ending, I continue with the concerts. Concerts did not stop while the series was going on, but we had enough intensity to have a concert every day if it weren’t for the drama.”

Şevval Sam said that she could rest by taking 1-2 days of getaways and it was good for her. Despite not being from the Black Sea region, Şevval Sam, who successfully sang Black Sea music, played a Black Sea woman in the TV series Gülbeyaz.

Şevval Sam, who explained that she was close to them by the Black Sea people after this TV series, said, “I guess I became a Black Sean later on. Although I am not from the Black Sea region, the Black Sea people have never lost their love for me after Gülbeyaz.”

Şevval Sam, who made the Black Sea album years ago, announced that the second one is on the way and will be released in June. Şevval Sam, explaining that she will present the album as a gift to Trabzonspor, which won the championship in the Turkish Super League, stated that there is a Black Sea song that she wrote in the album and made the following statement:

“I can say that I have a feeling of loyalty. They took care of me for years and kept me alive in their hearts, they never let go. As a thank you, I composed a song in their rhythm and in their accent and put it on the album. This was my gift to the Black Sea.”

The TV series Gülbeyaz, which had a great impact on Şevval Sam’s life, was broadcast on Kanal D between 2002 and 2003. Şevval Sam and Nejat İşler took the lead roles in the series, which was shot in Amasra and Kuruçaşile districts of Bartın province. Kazım Koyuncu, the unforgettable Black Sea singer, composed the music of the series, which lasted for 26 episodes and attracted great attention.