The heavy burden of Nisa's character in the TV series Ömer hit Merve Dizdar's face!
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28 January 2023 19:20


The heavy burden of Nisa’s character in the TV series Ömer hit Merve Dizdar’s face!

Those who watch the TV series Ömer on Star TV on Monday evenings are shocked. Merve Dizdar’s success in the character of a woman abandoned by her husband with her five children continues to resonate on social media. Her fans, who know how well she did a successful job in the character of Gülben in the TV series Masumlar Apartmanı (Innocent Apartments), were also impressed by the character of Nisa in Merve Dizdar’s TV series Ömer.

The fact that Hakan, who does not care that she has five children at home and how difficult her husband is, leaves her home by turning to other women, is reflected as a painful fact of life in the TV series Ömer.

This situation, which has many examples in real life, also represents many women who have to hold on to life with their children. Merve Dizdar, who shouldered such a heavy burden, even reflected the weight of the role on her face and facial expressions.

Those who watch the scenes of the character Nisa in the TV series Ömer share comments stating that they are very impressed by Merve Dizdar’s acting success.

A number of her fans commented: “Nisa is one of the thousands of women left alone, a victim of wrong choices, raising a fatherless child who does not exist, but her burden is heavy.”

Merve Dizdar’s performance in such a socially relevant role, without a grin, in full harmony with the role, also serves the credibility of the series.

Stories like these may upset the audience, but the female figures standing for their children also give them strength.

Especially the female viewers who follow the series faithfully get very important experiences from the character of Nisa.

Many people share comments stating that the strong stance of Nisa’s character should be taken as an example in her struggle to keep her children alive.

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