The international success of Golden Cage!
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4 February 2023 08:31


The international success of Golden Cage!

Golden Cage series, which met with the audience on the Star TV screen in the 2019-2020 season and made the final by broadcasting the last 3 episodes this season, completed its screen life due to low ratings. However, it turned out that there was a great interest in the series abroad.

Pastel Film, which made the overseas sales of the Golden Cage series, which starred Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu and Almila Ada, added a new one to its export items. Pastel produced by one of Turkey’s leading construction company with many quality productions film series continues to export abroad.

Pastel Film, which exports its TV series from Mozambique to Vietnam from Indonesia to Colombia, has recently exported Golden Cage series. Speaking on the subject, Pastel Film CEO Efe İrvül made the following statement:

“There is a great interest in Turkish TV series all over the world. Almost every content we produce is exported to all over the world. We aim to increase our worldwide exports by producing quality productions in a short time. Thus, while promoting our country to the whole world, we are also walking towards our online goals. Especially during the pandemic period, the whole world watches Turkish TV series. ”

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