Series News The international success of the Gecenin Ucunda and Tuzak TV series may also offer the EGO series an opportunity to stay afloat!

The international success of the Gecenin Ucunda and Tuzak TV series may also offer the EGO series an opportunity to stay afloat!


Tuzak (Trap) series has been very effective on social media and it is a project carried out by tv8 as its overseas sales are also going very well.

There is a great interest from abroad in the series in which Akın Akınözü and Bensu Soral take the lead roles. And this interest is changing the balance in Turkey.

tv8 could have removed the normally low-rated Tuzak series from the air. As a matter of fact, the project named Sıfırıncı Gün (Day Zero) was canceled due to low ratings, although it consisted of very ambitious names and had a different story.

However, even if the Tuzak series is in the same situation, its broadcasts continue. At least 26 episodes are expected to remain on the screen until the end of the season. This difference is experienced due to the great interest shown in the Tuzak series from abroad.

In the lead role of Kadir Doğulu and Neslihan Atagül, the series Gecenin Ucunda (At the end of the Night) also gets very low ratings. However, the story is expected to continue until the 26th episode.

The fact that a channel such as Star TV, which prepares the ambitious series of the season, put up with the low ratings of Gecenin Ucunda can be explained by the high interest from abroad.

We see that the EGO series broadcast on Fox TV screens, such as the TV series Gecenin Ucunda and Tuzak, has attracted the attention of a wide audience abroad.

You can see that Alperen Duymaz and Melisa Aslı Pamuk’s fans are trying to be effective on social media.

A new window of opportunity can also be opened for the Fox TV series published under the name EGO, which is the abbreviation of the formula for Tuzak and the Gecenin Ucunda.

EGO, which was published on Sunday evenings, did not make a very good debut as its competitors were very effective. Even with moderate ratings, you can see the support of a large audience from the strong interaction on social media.

If the Turkish series fans abroad offer intense support to the EGO series and international sales of the series start, there is a possibility that this will overshadow the ratings in Turkey.

If Fox TV believes that the EGO series can generate good income with its overseas sales, it may want to continue.

However, in addition to two powerful productions that consolidate their audience, such as the Yargı (Judgement) and the Teşkilat (Organization), it is obvious that two different productions such as Güzel Günler and Başım Belada are broadcast on Sunday evenings.

The ratings obtained so far for the EGO series are not very promising. However, even if the ratings stay at this level, Fox TV can be convinced with its overseas sales.

The EGO series also ranked second in the list of the series with the most followers in the world. Issues such as the social media attention attracting the fans of the series abroad to EGO and the foreign sales are the points to be followed for the series.