Artists News El Turco’s new series for Can Yaman has a big difference from other TV series!

El Turco’s new series for Can Yaman has a big difference from other TV series!


Can Yaman, who was in front of the camera for Disney Plus and stayed in Hungary for a long time, returned to Italy again. Returning to the sets as Balaban, an Ottoman janissary soldier, Can Yaman completed a difficult shooting process that lasted for 7 months.

The actor, who is expected to appear in front of the audience in 2023 with the character of Balaban, which is also important for Italian history, announced that he had a very busy period.

Sharing on his Instagram account, the actor states that he returned to Italy and continued his life from where he left off. However, the effort he put forth for the El Turco series has a great meaning.

Can Yaman says, “Since it was the role of my life, it required a lot of work, dedication and 100% commitment to the end.”

Can Yaman put forth a great effort for his role in the series El Turco during the 7-month shooting period, and he sees this project as the most important role of his life. Expressing that he is already happy, the actor also announced that he was injured during the shooting.

Can Yaman also expresses his joy by saying, “I get rid of a few minor injuries and the fatigue that has accumulated during the shoot.” Acknowledging that she was experiencing stress and referring to the earthquake disaster in Turkey, the famous actress wrote, “I did my best to give myself and others in need some relief.”

Expressing that he made an effort to help the people affected by the earthquake during the filming of the El Turco series, the actor also stated that he tried to find peace and rest a bit by getting together with his friends.