Series News The intrigue and stunning storyline didn’t work! What will be the new tactic in Annemizi Saklarken?

The intrigue and stunning storyline didn’t work! What will be the new tactic in Annemizi Saklarken?

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When the first promotions of Star TV’s new series, Annemizi Saklarken, were released, it caused great excitement in the audience. The series, which attracted attention with its groundbreaking story and scenario full of intrigue, aroused great curiosity. However, the result was disappointing.

It’s really hard to understand what’s wrong with Annemizi Saklarken. Because the series provided all kinds of conditions for the success of a series with its remarkable actors, intriguing story, intrigues that the audience loved to watch, and successful acting. Especially the successful acting of the young actresses Ece Yaşar and Kutsi was remarkable.

The third episode of the series was broadcast last night. The ratings, which were not bright in the first episode, continued in the same way in the third episode. The series, which received a rating below the average with the episode aired last night, took the 19th place in all viewers. This was not a result that the producers and channels expected at all.

For the series, which did not get good results in the first two episodes, the points it would get in the third episode were very important and it was eagerly awaited. However, the result was disappointing. In this case, Star TV may choose to change the day and give the series another chance.

Television critic Anibal Güleroğlu, in his column written a few days ago, pointed out that the script of the TV series Annemizi Saklarken was rushed. Güleroğlu was criticizing that Handan’s character was featured too much, but that the characters of Dündar and Zerrin remained in the background.

OJO Pictures, which had a bad result with the Cam Tavanlar series, which it shot for Star TV and drew attention to the problems of women in business life, this time tried to catch the audience by bringing a series full of intrigue to the screen. However, the result was still unsuccessful.