The legal errors in Yargı, which creates an event with every episode, attract the attention of lawyers!
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25 March 2023 23:43


The legal errors in Yargı, which creates an event with every episode, attract the attention of lawyers!

Yargı series, which caused controversy with every episode, also created a big event with last night’s episode. The episode where Engin died and Ceylin was taken into custody as a murder suspect took place just after Teşkilat. Some mistakes in the Kanal D series Yarg, which is constantly on the agenda with its striking scenario, attract the attention of lawyers.

Yargı series, created by Sema Ergenekon after more than a year of research in courthouses and law offices, draws attention with its magnificent scenario. Yargı, with its magnificent plot, realistic characters and drawing attention to the events taking place in Turkey, is highly appreciated by the audience.

Some mistakes in Yargı, which has done a successful job with its almost perfect script, draw the attention of lawyers. Lawyers voice these mistakes in their comments on social media.

A viewer wrote on social media: “Sema Hanım is a very successful script, but some legal scenes are shot very clumsily and simply. As a lawyer, in all these years, I have never heard a magistrate say, “I get goosebumps when you say murder, so I decide to arrest the suspect.”

In another post he made right after, the viewer said, “Also, it was said that the suspect was not mentioned, the defendant was also. Until the indictment is accepted, the person under suspicion of crime is the suspect, not the accused.”

Another lawyer on the audience said that they did not ask Ceylin if he wanted a lawyer, and that he gave a statement from the bar association without an observer. According to the lawyer audience, statements made without a lawyer must have an observer from the bar association.

Yargı took a big place in social media with its 14th episode, which was screened last night. For Yargı, which gained approximately 5 million reach on social media, 120,000 tweets were sent on Twitter, resulting in high talk.

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