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19 August 2022 05:03


The Mahkum series made the season finale, but İsmail Hacıoğlu ran back to the set!

İsmail Hacıoğlu is an acclaimed name for his acting in every production he takes part in. He made his talk again with his acting in Fox TV’s Mahkum (Prisoner) series, which is one of the most talked about series of the season! Hacıoğlu became the prominent character of the series with his performance.

Of course, this situation reveals once again how successful İsmail Hacıoğlu is. Those who watch the TV series Mahkum, in which he gives life to a traumatic personality in the midst of the tides, make commendable comments on İsmail Hacıoğlu on social media in every episode.

Hacıoğlu remained on the agenda throughout the season with his acting that often surpassed even the series. The series, in which he starred with Onur Tuna, made the season finale last week. However, İsmail Hacıoğlu does not seem to intend to rest much in the summer!

Evaluating another offer after a busy season, İsmail Hacıoğlu came up with a feature film this time. As soon as the shooting of the series Mahkum was over, the actor rushed to shoot the movie 49.

The actor had a successful season with the series Mahkum. Now he went before the camera for another ambitious project. A few days after the filming of Mahkum ended, the actor was on the set for his new role. The first photos from the shooting of 49 films made in Hatay have also arrived.

After the ISIS terrorist organization took over Mosul, it is told about the event that 49 people who were in the Turkish Consulate General in Mosul were taken hostage. This shocking event in our recent history has now become the subject of a movie. Based on a true event, the movie will also attract attention with its action-packed shots.

In addition to İsmail Hacıoğlu, Saadet Işıl Aksoy plays with Kerem Alışık and Doğukan Polat in the film.

49 seems to be a very important production in that it is adapted from a true story and tells what Turkey was doing in the background during the hostage situation. The story of the film, in which Hakan Inan will sit in the director’s chair, will cause the painful events of 2014 to be remembered again.

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