Aslı Enver left the enthusiasm of her fans in her crop with her answer to the question of the new series!
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4 February 2023 11:02


Aslı Enver left the enthusiasm of her fans in her crop with her answer to the question of the new series!

Aslı Enver, who attracted great attention after starring in the youth series of Kanal D named Kavak Yelleri, had a great leap forward in her career with the series İstanbullu Gelin (Bride of İstanbul). The actress, who was acclaimed for her TV series and movies, came to the screen with the latest Babil series.

Her fans missed the actress very much. Aslı Enver, who has been taking a break from TV series for a long time, had a nice surprise with the movie Sen Yaşamaya Bak, which was shot for Netflix and shared the lead role with Kaan Urgancıoğlu. In addition, the actress took the stage with İpek Bilgin and Güven Murat Akpınar, with whom she took a role in İstanbullu Gelin, in a theater play called Sırça.

Asli Enver’s fans insistently want to see her in a television series. The name of the actress is mentioned in the media with a TV series called ‘Adım Farah’ (My Name is Farah). But she doesn’t give a secret about it!

In the series, where Aslı Enver is said to be playing and preparations are being continued by O3 Media, it is stated in the backstage that she will give life to a woman who faces injustice in the country where she came for the treatment of her son, and will play a cleaning woman who will enter a fight with the mafia.

In fact, it is another sense that Show TV aspires to the series. However, there has been no explanation from the actress or the producer yet. Enver’s fans are naturally curious.

Recently, the question of whether the actress is a new television series was asked through a social media phenomenon. The response of Aslı Enver, who saw this post, almost left her fans’ enthusiasm in her crop!

Is there a new TV project?” After sharing the message “Yes, we are handing the microphone to Aslı Enver” upon the message of the fan asking, Aslı Enver published this message and dropped the note “cheek” next to an emoji whose mouth was closed with a zipper and a smiling emoji.

This emoji and ‘I won’t say’ attitude of the actress, who stated that she would not say anything, disappointed those who miss Aslı Enver and want to see her in a project!

It may be that there is no clarity about his project yet, or that the producer does not make a statement without explaining even if she has made an agreement, this is Aslı Enver’s cube of mystery!

Meanwhile, the actress, who went on vacation a while ago, is resting in Bodrum. The actress, who recently had her hair lightened and asked the questions ‘Is it a new image for the new drama?’, makes comments such as ‘resting before the drama’ with holiday poses…

Here is one of Aslı Enver’s last poses from the holiday…

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