Artists News The master actor Cihat Tamer can’t stop working and now the TV series Vermem Seni Ellere is coming!

The master actor Cihat Tamer can’t stop working and now the TV series Vermem Seni Ellere is coming!

The shooting of the TV series Vermem Seni Ellere, which is under preparation for the summer period, is being shot in Ordu. Emre Bey and Buse Meral are in the lead roles in the series. It should be noted that the energy of the two young actors is very good on social media, and the trailer that has been published also attracts the attention of the audience.

There are important names in the cast of the new ATV series, which will reflect the natural beauties of the Black Sea region called Vermem Seni Ellere. One of these actors is Cihat Tamer, who has set an example for young people with many successful projects he has taken part in.

The master actor will take part in the story with a character at the head of a rich family. While describing his character in the story, Tamer said: “I despise my son in the series, but I love my grandson very much. We will also make some games to save him from his father. The wedding is happening, the grandson is getting married. All of a sudden it disappears and goes to the plateau. We’re looking for it, but we can’t find it.”

Expressing that it is a very good story, the actor mentioned that he is a person who cannot stop working. Cihat Tamer is also on the stage with the İkinci Bahar theater. Mentioning that they started this game in October 2018, Tamer said that they have played more than 250 games so far and the audience has shown great enthusiasm.

The shooting of the new ATV series called Vermem Seni Ellere is being made in Ordu and it started with a good cast. Cihat Tamer, who explained that they had trouble shooting due to heavy rain in Ordu, also stated that they had to remake some scenes because they could not complete them.

The Vermem Seni Ellere series, which also includes names such as Fatih Al, Filiz Ahmet, Bülent Alkış, Goncagül Sunar, Bahtiyar Engin, is expected to stand out with its story and natural beauties.