Series News The wish of Al Sancak series fans has come true, now is the time to innovate!

The wish of Al Sancak series fans has come true, now is the time to innovate!


Al Sancak series is broadcast on TRT1 screen on Thursday evenings and a large fan base is following the series faithfully. The series, starring Uğur Güneş and Gülsim Ali İlhan, attracted great attention as a production based on the heroism of Turkish soldiers.

When it first started, it was expected that the series, which was very popular with its war scenes and had a very high shooting quality, came to the fore with the support it received from the Turkish Armed Forces. Al Sancak, whose ratings were good in the first period, lost some viewers later on, but still managed to survive with its above-average ratings.

TRT1’s waiting for a while to continue the series caused panic in the audience. However, according to the latest information, a determination is observed by TRT1 officials and the producer that the Al Sancak series will continue in the second season.

Fans of the Al Sancak series were also eagerly waiting for this news. Many drama fans commented, “The drama is progressing very well. I hope it will always continue like this”, revealing their support on social media.

There are also those who state that the series gets better with each new episode. In the second season, there will be action-packed scenes and events to attract the attention of the audience. However, taking into account that the great interest of the screenwriters on the day it first started, it will have to think about innovations in the summer in order for the series to appeal to a wider audience.

With new actors and hostile characters that will create contrast in the story, the Al Sancak series may be one of the interesting productions in the next season. The 18th episode of the series will be broadcast on Thursday evening and the team will take a summer break with the 19th episode next week.