Series News In the Yüz Yıllık Mucize series, the screenwriter’s dream and the expectations of the audience did not match!

In the Yüz Yıllık Mucize series, the screenwriter’s dream and the expectations of the audience did not match!


Yüz Yıllık Mucize (The Hundred Years of Miracle), which was broadcast on Star TV and brought together Birkan Sokullu and Ebru Şahin, is expected to bid farewell to its audience with its 13th episode, which will be screened on Thursday, June 15. While the news about the finale is spreading rapidly in the press, the revolt of the fans of the series, which is reflected on the social media, continues.

The strict followers of the series, who have been criticizing Nuran Evren Şit, the screenwriter of the series for a long time, question why Eşref and Süreyya insist on Kemal and Marvel when there is a story that touches the hearts of many viewers. Many TV series fans think that the best written character in the story is Süreyya, played by Zerrin Tekindor.

Although the ratings of the series, in which a master name like Hümeyra took part, were not bad for the first two episodes, it was observed that there was a gradual decrease in interest. Recently, there has been a serious decline in the ratings of the series.

The reason for this is that the screenwriter does not listen to the criticisms reflected on social media, according to the audience. Although the story of the series was narrated through the relationship between Birkan Sokullu and Ebru Şahin, Kemal and Harika, many fans of the series found the character of Süreyya much more interesting.

The fact that the character Eşref, whom Süreyya was imprisoned years ago, appeared on social media as Kemal’s love after years, did not excite many viewers.

The main point of excitement differed when Süreyya and Eşref saw the characters as a very original and stronger story. Many TV series fans wrote for weeks on social media that the story was developed through the character of Süreyya. However, after the screenwriter destroyed the story on the character of Harika, the audience reacted intensely to this situation.

The Yüz Yıllık Mucize series is progressing towards the final with its 13th episode, but it seems that such an end will occur because the screenwriter’s preferences and the dreams of the audience do not match. The Yüz Yıllık Mucize series was also one of the most discussed productions in terms of the interaction between the script and the audience on social media.

If there was a story based on the characters of Süreyya and Eşref as demanded by the fans of the series, could the result have been different? According to many series fans, yes, it could have been a much more watched production.