The message against violence against women in the Kara Tahta series received great applause!
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30 September 2022 21:37


The message against violence against women in the Kara Tahta series received great applause!

The new series of TRT 1, Kara Tahta (Blackboard), came to the screen with its new episode last night. The words of the character of Irmak, played by Miray Daner, in last night’s episode, which drew attention to femicide in our country, received applause from everyone.

Kara Tahta, the new series of TRT1 starring Miray Daner, Furkan Andıç and Cengiz Bozkurt, came to the screen with its fifth episode last night. Although it was not very successful in the ratings, Kara Tahta, which surrounded the audience with its warm story, attracted attention with a scene in the episode that came to the screen last night.

In last night’s episode of Kara Tahta, a scene between Irmak and Bekir received applause from everyone. In this scene, Irmak gave a great speech when Bekin, who loved her but could not find a response, wanted to harm Atlas by being jealous. In this line, Irmak drew attention to the murders of women in the name of “love” in Turkey. Kara Tahta won the hearts of all the audience with this scene.

Meanwhile, the shooting of the Kara Tahta series continues despite Furkan Andıç, the leading actor, injured in his foot. It is considered a great sacrifice for Furkan Andıç to return to the set without fully recovering after he was injured and had meniscus surgery last week during filming.

However, things are not going well in terms of ratings in the Kara Tahta series. The ratings in these episodes, which have been on the screen so far, did not come as expected. The rating results, which are even below the average rates, continue to annoy those who like the series.

Comments on social media show that the series is loved. The loyal viewers of the series share comments that they become more connected as the story unfolds. These comments can actually be considered as promising developments among misfortunes. The comments made on the trailer published on Youtube show that many viewers are waiting for the new episode with great excitement.

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