Series News The misfortune of Belcim Bilgin is over!

The misfortune of Belcim Bilgin is over!


Famous actress Belcim Bilgin had a great series of bad luck this season. The famous actress was Behzat Ç. Because of the series remained in the middle.

In the last episode of Behzat Ç’s first season broadcast on Blu TV, Belcim Bilgin joined the cast as a singer. She stated that he had more roles and excitement in the second season.

However, as a result of various disagreements between Blu TV and the series team, Behzat Ç.’s second season could not be withdrawn. Belcim Bilgin was also in the middle …

The famous actress suffered a second misfortune in the Hekimoğlu series. She would join the full series that the coronavirus outbreak occurred. When the series stopped shooting in mid-March, Belcim Bilgin had to wait.

Hekimoğlu series will be on the set again at the end of May. Belçim Bilgin will also be in new episodes. She will play the ex-wife of Ateş Hekimoğlu character.