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3 July 2022 17:03


The most ambitious new series of this season is Yargı’s viewership record!

A new record came from Yargı series, which started broadcasting on Kanal D this season and cornered Teşkilat, which is a very strong competitor with the rating figures it received. The first episode of the series reached an incredible number on YouTube.

Yargı, whose story was revealed as a result of months of research by screenwriter Sema Ergenekon, continues to be the first in the ratings. Yargı, which has been on TRT 1 since last season and displaced Teşkilat, which is the judge of Sunday evenings, takes your breath away with every episode.

The series, starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, did not lose anything from its ratings, despite the announcement of the identity of the murderer, who was expected with great excitement. The series also broke the viewership record on YouTube. The first episode of Yargı reached 10 million views on YouTube.

The new episode of Yargı, shot by Ay Yapım, will air on Sunday, November 7th. The new episode is also preparing to lock the audience on the screen. In the promotion of the episode that will be screened on Sunday evening, Ceylin asked Engin, “Who deserves to die?” While his outcry moved the audience, Engin’s confession at the end of the promotion aroused curiosity.

When Engin realizes that Ceylin has learned the truth, the moments when he makes an excuse that he is insane are blood-curdling, while Yekta’s words to Ceylin “If you’re going to shoot at the king, make sure he is dead!” sentence intrigues the audience.

The moments when Engin, who appeared before the judge at the end of the promotion, expressed that he wanted to confess, give the signals of the episode to be watched out of breath. Yargı is on Kanal D at 20:00 on Sunday evenings.

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