Series News The most scheming series of the screens, Yasak Elma, rose up despite the separations!

The most scheming series of the screens, Yasak Elma, rose up despite the separations!

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The Fox TV series Yasak Elma, whose story is full of intrigue and deception, continues like a bombshell in its fifth season. The last episode of Yasak Elma, which sometimes appeared in front of the audience with surprising scenes that made them say “no more”, showed a great rise in the ratings.

The 114th episode of Yasak Elma series was broadcast last night. In this episode, Yıldız learned about the secret love of her husband Çağatay and storms began to break out between the couple. Another problem arose before Çağatay, who had a love affair with Kumru.

Yasak Elma, which entered the fifth season like a storm and the second episode of the season was broadcast last night, continues to rise in the ratings. The series had a great success with its episode aired last night and took second place in Total and first in EU and ABC1. This success of Yasak Elma enchanted both the production company, the actors and the audience.

Returning to the screen with its renewed fiction and new actors, Yasak Elma was shaken by the separation of many characters at the end of last season. However, it seems that these separations did not cause a decrease in the success of Yasak Elma. On the contrary, the series increased its success graph even more.

The cast of Yasak Elma includes the following names: Şevval Sam, Eda Ece, Berk Oktay, Biran Damla Yılmaz, Murat Aygen, Ece Dizdar, Melisa Doğu, Barış Aytaç, Serkan Rutkay Ayıköz, Emre Dinler, Bahityar Memili, Yasmin Erbil, Erdal Bilingen, Vildan Vatansever and Kuzey Gezer.

Produced by MEDYAPIM, directed by Ece Erdek Koçoğlu and written by Melis Civelek and Zeynep Gür, Yasak Elma is screened on FOX TV every Monday at 20:00.