Series News Son Yaz series became the new victim of Fox TV’s new strategy!

Son Yaz series became the new victim of Fox TV’s new strategy!

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The policy of immediately canceling the TV series that started last season on Fox TV screens and started the season with many TV shows and shows low performance continues. Last season, the fans of the series reacted very much to the channel management because of this strategic decision.

After the new series started one after another, the finals came one after another. At the end of the season, as a result of all these efforts, none of the productions survived to the next season except Yasak Elma and Son Yaz series.

Fox TV’s continuation of the same strategy in the 2021-2022 season was once again a nightmare for the fans of the series. Son Yaz, who got the second season ticket at the last minute by getting good ratings in the first season, unfortunately could not make a strong comeback.

Actors such as Birce Akalay, Yıldırım Bayraktar, Onur Bay, Yaprak Medine were included in the series starring Alperen Duymaz, Ali Atay, and Hafsanur Sancaktutan. The series, which attracted attention with its story and new atmosphere in the second season, unfortunately did not meet the expectations.

It turned out that Fox TV made the final decision for Son Yaz, which was broadcast on Saturday evenings. After Uzak Şehrin Masalı, Son Yaz joined the series that will make the final. The final decision was announced on the twitter account of the series and the audience was thanked.

It turned out that Son Yaz series will say goodbye after 2 episodes. Son Yaz, whose 25th episode will be broadcast on October 9, will be in front of the audience for the last time on Saturday, October 16.

Fox TV currently has two TV shows called Elkızı and Elbet Bir Gün. In order for these two productions to come to the screen, two series had to make a final. In the end, this environment was provided. In the second half of October, fans of the series will encounter new productions. Let’s see if luck will smile on these two new series in the ratings this time.

It is worth remembering that Fox TV has two more new productions under preparation. In other words, new series will be sacrificed for the new strategy in the coming period.