Series News The neighborhood where the The Pit series draws attention

The neighborhood where the The Pit series draws attention


Show TV’s favorite series, The Pit is not just on the screen!

At the same time, the places where the shots are made are also visited like tourist centers!

Balat, one of the oldest districts of Istanbul, where The Pit series is drawn, has historic days with series tours.

The face of the artisans interested in the shooting places of domestic and foreign tourists was laughing.

Fener Balat, which is one of the popular sightseeing places of local and foreign tourists due to its colorful houses and historical touch, is now experiencing The Pit tourism.

The Pit, Balat’a almost did tourism doping. Series fans increased the sales of tradesmen by 50 percent.

It is full of kriahasanları, which is the name of the character of the series, and cafes close to the set which the music of the The Pit is playing.

In places used in the series, there are queues on the weekends especially in front of the wall writings and in the areas where The Pit tattoo is taking pictures.

They also sell ‘Trench’ beads, ‘Trench’ tattooed t-shirts.

The increasing tradesmen say that they provide the promotion of the districts of the directory and they are very pleased with it.