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18 August 2022 11:48


The new decisions of the screenwriter in the series Masumlar Apartmanı created controversy!

Masumlar Apartmanı, one of the popular TV series of TRT1 screens, continues to add color to Tuesday evenings. The series, which had a very successful first season, continues the same performance in the second season.

Ezgi Mola and Merve Dizdar’s duo crowned with their magnificent acting and each episode of the series creates great excitement. Everything is going well for Masumlar Apartmanı, which also managed to be the winner of the day. The players, who work at an intense pace in the series, do not complain about this situation at all. The screenwriter, on the other hand, started to receive great criticism from the audience with his decisions and preferences in the story of the series. You can find the criticisms of the audience in the continuation of our news.

There are important developments in the story. This time, Binnur Kaya will be a guest at Masumlar Apartmanı, as Gülben gets support from the Doctor lady in Kırmızı Oda series again. At the beginning of the season, Merve Dizdar participated in Kırmızı Oda series. Since the two productions belong to the same company, it is ensured that they support each other by creating a transition between the characters.

The character of Safiye, played by Ezgi Mola, fell on the bed. Gulben’s new life journey with Esat affected Safiye badly. Now it is necessary to be treated, but it is a fact that they are late.

Hikmet Bey will shout this truth in the 45th episode. A new trailer for the new episode of the series has been released. Hikmet said, “Isn’t that your mother’s job again? He did not leave her alone there either. We’re late, we’re all late. Now we rush the girl so that she can get better. It can’t be fixed,” he said.

The light of hope on Gülben’s face, who told her sister Safiye that she was talking to the doctor, will also make the audience happy. However, no one should expect Safiye to respond so easily to the idea of ​​being treated.

Criticism against the screenwriter of the series is also increasing. In particular, the fact that the characters of Safiye and Naci constantly break up due to unimportant reasons disturbs the audience. A number of fans described their revolt with these words: “When you had a couple with a deep, original story like Safiye and Naci, you exploited their stories. The harmony of Ezgi Mola and Tansel Öngel is wasted in the hands of the scriptwriter.”

There are also viewers who think that the degree of psychopathy increases with each passing week, and writes their criticisms on social media.

A series of fans commented, “As we say there can’t be a more psychopathic episode, more psychopathic episodes come out.” However, some series fans are also happy with the progress of the story. Because there is an opinion that such scenes with high psychology also show good acting.

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